You often hear that developers should not try to design and vice versa. More often than not though, in a small company or group, developers and designers are faced with the arduous task of having to do that which they are not meant to do. This struggle has a parallel that I can relate to in the martial arts world. There are martial artists who spar and those who do forms (otherwise known as routines). Rarely do people do both. Just like those who try to do both design and develop and get good at neither, those who both spar and do forms rarely can excel at both.

That said, I don’t believe that you should just stick with what you know or what you are good at. In walking a mile in the other’s shoes, you will see both your role and the other’s from a different perspective. I think that even if you never wish to develop if you are a designer and vice versa, by simply trying out what the other has to go through, you will gain a deeper understanding on how all things come together, and you will be more well rounded. Just like a forms competitor who spars will also become a more well rounded martial artist

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