I’ve been perusing the website AllTop, Guy Kawasaki‘s latest experiment, for over a week now just to try it out. It’s a website that aggregates all sorts of news from the top websites on all topics. Think of it as a newstand or a “digital magazine rack”. I thought I’d put in my two cents.

Most blog readers would probably say it’s just a glorified RSS reader. I would agree, but there’s a huge untapped market of people who don’t use RSS or don’t even know what it stands for. They just don’t care and why should they? They just care about their news and the websites they go to. They just can’t make the connection but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that now, those readers can go to one place for all their content.

However, it seems to try to be something for everyone, which usually means it becomes nothing to everyone. What I would do if alltop was my little baby would be to change the way it looks in each section. A person who goes there for celebrity news is a totally different audience that one who goes there for startup news. Why treat them the same? They’ve already TOLD you who they are by what they choose to read. Since what they choose to read is so clearly demarcated, there’s no reason that each section should all look the same. This is naturally also a great advertising opportunity since you know who’s where, you can better target your ads. In the spirit of betas, I say, Guy, try it out and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, you can always just go back to what you have.

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