Quickly Google my name (I know, I’m vain), and you’ll quickly find that I work at Accenture Technology Labs as a researcher, I’m credited in 2 Mortal Kombat video games on IMDB, and I was in the cast of Theatricks, all within the first results page! A little further digging will reveal that I am a martial arts instructor at Chicago Wushu, I did .NET programming back in 2004, and I’ve messed around with listserv back in the day.

A resume is just not enough anymore. It just not remarkable. How do you stand out? With so many technologists blogging, heck, even a blog isn’t enough anymore. It’s just as essential as having a website or your own business cards nowadays. Please keep in mind that I’m speaking from the perspective of a technologist or an IT worker. Obviously a blog won’t help someone who flips burgers at McDonald’s or a construction worker as much.

You can’t hide from the Internet anymore. You have to be careful of what you do on the internet. An employer does not need to potentially see your galavanting on MySpace. Nor do they need to see from your Facebook feed that you’ve just spent hours on Kongregate playing video games during work hours. Photos from that spring break trip or Mardi Gras are probably best kept off Flickr. Your Internet trail paints a picture of you to an employer. Whether it’s a positive or a negative impression depends on what activities you choose to do on there. This is especially true with the Internet Wayback Machine which archives the internet and takes snapshots of websites at different points in time. Even if you choose to clean up your act, your trail is now written in stone.

You may say, well crap, how about I don’t do anything on the Internet. Well you can keep your head in the sand while the world is moving forward and leaves you behind. Lots of other technologists and IT workers are choosing to embrace the Internet and leverage it in a positive way. They are contributing source code, writing informative articles, answering questions in forums, and generally displaying that they are knowledgeable.

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