Just heard about this from TechCocktail. IllinoisVentures is starting a program called iVentures10 which will fund tech startups if you are a college student. I think is a great opportunity for kids out here in the Midwest. I wish I had an opportunity to take advantage of something like this back when I was in college. Here’s the scoop:

  • 2-4 people, at least one has to be a student or recently graduated
  • You’ll build a prototype in 10 weeks
  • They’ll invest up to $25,000
  • They won’t sign an NDA
  • They’ll help you form your company

I found this part really funny:

Do NOT send PowerPoint decks or business plans. If we receive one, you will be automatically dinged.

Coming from Accenture where people create PowerPoint decks for breakfast, I thought this was really telling of the kind of people they are looking for and the kind of people they avoid like the plague. Corporate types need not apply.

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