NewScientistTech reports that eye tracking technology has been applied to the online game World of Warcraft to allow people with severe motor disabilities to play 3D computer games like World of Warcraft (read: waste countless hours) using only their eyes. I say anything that allows disabled people to lead more normal lives is great. But of all the things eye tracking has been applied to, WoW is the best they could come up with? How about locomotion by applying eye tracking system to a wheel chair? Eye tracking for remote control, phone dialing, etc. The applications are endless. Maybe those have already been done to death and I just don’t know about it.

I have one great idea: Eye tracking for car drivers. If your gaze has been steadily off the road while in a moving vehicle, the car could try to wake you up. What about eye tracking for judges? If your eyes are off the competition for a length of time, it could signal you. I know I could use one of those sometimes. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

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