This week’s favorite links will have an emphasis on my favorite subject matter – Rich Internet Applications or RIAs.

  • Zoomi is a virtual Amazon bookstore. All the books are organized into categories and are shelved. What’s cool about this is that it’s an AJAX application. I probably would have used Flex. If you look closely, they’ve added a subtle hint of realism by adding a shadow that the bookshelf casts on the books. Sweet.
  • Snackr is a desktop RSS ticker that runs on the Adobe AIR platform. It’s pretty slick. You can “throw” it on any edge and it will stick to that edge, resizing itself.
  • Destroy Flickr is a really cool alternative to browsing Flickr. This one is also an Adobe AIR app.
  • 72photos is a new photo hosting site. It’s got a very clean slick Web 2.0 design. I’m not sure what this has over something like Flickr, but the site is pretty cool.

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