It’s that time of the month that I report on the progress of this blog. This month, I didn’t have nearly as many posts. This was due to 2 reasons. I was on vacation for a week, and things have been very busy in my life that I haven’t had nearly as much time to blog as I wanted.

Site Stats
Number of Posts 14
Number of Comments 13
Unique Visitors 4133
Page Views 4889
Top Traffic Sources
Stumbleupon 3639
Google 222
Youtube 32
Most Popular Pages Page Views
Top 5 Mac Software for the Recent Switcher 3287
5 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog 351
SXSW 2008: On The Art of Speed 217

Let’s analyze the numbers. I had an almost 7 fold increase in traffic. This was due to several reasons: traffic from my existing content, and the social bookmarking site stumbleupon. I bookmark my pages on stumbleupon and try to tag them with as many meaningful tags relevant to the page as much as possible. I definitely recommend stumbleupon as a traffic generation tool. A little bit of traffic even came from my wushu youtube videos which I linked back to my site. June 2008 Google Analytics

This month I had 14 posts, about 1 post every 2 days. Not bad considering the week off and the very busy schedule. The number of comments was quite disappointing considering the traffic. It’s probably safe to assume that the stumbleupon crowd aren’t big commenters.

I won’t be discussing ad revenue anymore. However it’s safe to say it’s negligible until traffic drastically increases. I will say that I’ve experienced over a 10 fold increase in Amazon affiliate sales due to the traffic. This was a pleasant surprise. I had experimented writing recommendation blog posts in which I recommend products and provide links to Amazon products that I review and recommend. Seems to be working. I even recommend it in a blog post here.

It’s pretty exciting to see the increase in traffic. How many of those people will come back to read my other posts remains to be seen. I did get a comment from a reader telling me to stick to new technology posts and not regurgitating information. I’ll try to make it a good mix between posts that tend to attract traffic, latest tech news in RIAs, and my personal life.

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