, in their own words, is a social media site focused on books. It is an online community of readers who come together to share their passion for books. To that goal, they give you various tools with which to share your love of books such as ratings, reviews, tags, friends, groups, suggestions, etc.

Shelfari was launched in 2006 by Taste Makers Inc. In 2007, reportedly invested $1 million in it which explains the heavy Amazon influence on the site.

This is all good and all, but I’ve tried participating in the community and making friends – by first approaching people who had similar reading interests. This seems like a no brainer, but nobody seems to want to be my friend. Perhaps I need a new profile pic? I don’t really participate in groups and other social features so most of the “social media” stuff is lost on me. What I do use Shelfari for is their visual bookshelf. When you add books to your collection, they are added to your virtual bookshelf which looks quite wonderful.

Pek's Shelfari Book Collection

The whole site is very interactive and visually pleasing. The bookshelf visualization apes a piece of Mac software called Delicious Library which lets you catalog your books, dvds, and cds. The interface of the website is very AJAXy. For example, when you add a book, you are presented with a drop down that lets you easily add the book to your wishlist, your reading list, or your collection, all in one click. They also have a widget that lets you put your Shelfari books in your blog. Here’s what that looks like:

If you do any reading and want to share your collection and reading habits online, you should check this out.

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