I can’t believe I’m 3 months into blogging now. How crazy. It’s amazing I can keep this up while still doing all my other things, but hopefully I will stick with this. One big change this month is that I’ve decided to take out the ads on my site. I’ve earned less than $10 from ad revenue total but found that the ads made my site load slowly and detracted from the overall experience. I can always add them back once I get more traffic to make the ad revenue more worthwhile. For now I think it’s important to keep my readers engaged. Another change was that I introduced a new section – Business since some of my articles related to business and it didn’t make sense to put them under Technology.

Site Stats
Number of Posts 11
Number of Comments 8
Unique Visitors 748
Page Views 1259
Top Traffic Sources
Google 248
StumbleUpon 231
Digg 30
Dclick Blog 23
Most Popular Pages Page Views
PicLens Review 327
5 Ways to Accessorize Your Macbook Pro 134
Flex AS3 Swf to Swf Communication via LocalConnection 82
Mortal Kombat Intros – All the Ones That I Did 76

Let’s analyze the numbers. My numbers went down from last month, but 700 visitors is still pretty good. Stumbleupon still accounts for a healthy portion of my traffic but Google search is playing a more important role this month. Overall, people seem to be searching for mac stuff and flex code. I had a huge interest in my Mortal Kombat stuff from some of my readers as my new coworkers were interested in that stuff. I’ve even been linked to from one of their blogs which accounted for some of the traffic there.

I wrote even less posts than I did last month, averaging about 1 every 3 days. This is probably what I am comfortable with and I will try to shoot for this next month. I actually had no affiliate sales this month which sucks even though a few people did click into amazon.

All in all, it’s going to be slow and steady. I’ve already noticed I’ve started twittering less, but that may be due also to the fact that it was down all the time.

Popularity: 1% [?]

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