Every six months or so I usually tape myself to see how I am doing. It helps me see where I need work and clearly see my mistakes. Lately though I’ve been super busy and haven’t had nearly as much time to train as I’d like. As a result, I’ve lost my 720 jump inside crescent kick. My outside 720 has held up pretty well, but I can’t say the same about my butterfly twist. I’ve also put on 7 more pounds – ugh. In an effort to get back into training and into shape, I’ve decided to tape myself even more often and upload the videos for all to see. This way I shame myself into training harder. We’ll see if this works.

Analysis of my jumpkicks:

  • I lose my balance on my double aerial
  • My second jump inside crescent of my double jump inside is not as crisp as the first one and the rotation is not complete
  • My 720 jump inside crescent is a 630
  • I lose my balance on my butterfly kicks
  • My butterfly twist is crooked. It’s been crooked for a while.
  • 540 standing jump outside is OK. I need to work on getting extra rotation for 720s.

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