This was probably the MOST useful session I’ve ever attended in a while. The guy knew his Flex Builder IDE inside and out. Here are some very useful tips to getting the most out of the Flex IDE:

  • Configure your Flex Builder startup parameters. Update the JVM to the latest version, and make Flex Builder use that one – it will compile much faster. Use the -vm flag
  • Configure the flexbuilder.ini file to have Flex use more memory. This will also result in a performance gain.
  • Use the Rename variable shortcut when refactoring. Don’t use the Edit/Replace because it could have adverse consequences of renaming other variables that have that string inside it. The Rename function won’t do that.
  • Use Manage Webservices to automatigically generate all the necessary webservices code. All you need to do is feed it the wsdl.
  • If you have your Flex IDE all pimped out to your liking, use the Export Preferences to save those settings so you won’t have to reconfigure it for other machines.
  • When editing the visual properties of components, use the Convert to CSS to be able to edit all those properties in Designer Mode and have the CSS generalized to apply to all the components of that type, not just that instance.
  • Cntrl + tab and Alt + tab to shift between project files.
  • Cntrl + Shift + P to jump between matching braces.
  • Cntrl + M to maximize or restore IDE panels
  • Cntrl + Alt to duplicate selected lines
  • In the Preferences, just type what you are searching for, it’s got type-ahead functionality
  • Using Build Framework Linkage, you’ll be able to shave the size of your swf down while refactoring out the Flex built in components into a separate swf file which will be cached.

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