I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to reminisce about my old website days. I decided to the internet archive website to look up some of my old ones. For those of you who don’t know, the Internet Archive is a website that archives websites at various periods in time. Here’s what my old website ppongpaet.com looked like back in 2003.

ppongpaet.com website circa 2003

In the words of Keanu Reeves: “Whoah”, like just “Whoah”. There really wasn’t much there. I figured I would create a website that I would go to everyday for me. Thus it had my favorite websites on the right. I wrote some neat JavaScript tree folders to organize the bookmarks. On the top right you could even directly search Google. On the top left you could change the theme of the site. There’s even a blurb about my first Mortal Kombat game: Deadly Alliance. I had done the mocap back in 2002 and the game finally came out in 2003 or late 2002. I was pretty excited. I had my resume up and a photo section that used a photo gallery tool that my friends and I wrote.

The highlight of the site had to be my journal section. Back in those days, I don’t think the word blog even existed yet. I didn’t update it very much, but that journal section was a WSYIWYG content management system that my friends and I wrote. Had we made it public and let the world use it for free, things might have been a little different. We were too naive and held it too closely to us thinking other people would steal our idea or something.

I’d show you my first website that I made for my EECS 101 class back in 1995 but the Internet Archive has no record of that. The cool thing back then was background images, blink tags and animated GIFs. Imagine a dark marble green tile texture with bright yellow bold italics size 24 font text, images with thick yellow borders and you have an idea of what my first website looked like. Give me a break, I had no idea what I was doing back then. It was a stupid assignment and I got caught up in the technology and basically threw every new tag I knew in there back then.

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