My friends Ziad and Rishi have started a new monthly meetup called Product Show and Tell. The goal of it is pretty simple – come to the meeting with a few cool products to talk about them. Nothing fancy. What made it interesting for me was the people who were there. These are some really talented people who have a great deal to share.

This meeting was held at Noble Tree Coffee shop on Clark and Fullerton. People who were there included:

Phil Tadros,,, and

Rishi Shah, fellow Tech Labs Alum

Ziad Hussain

Sean Corbett

Andy Angelos

and Ziad’s gf (I’m not even going to try to spell her name).

Everyone had cool stuff to show. I talked about the Eye-Fi Wireless SD card and my Mortal Kombat video game. Ziad showed off his retro Atari console release, some really cool headphones, and the blank vinyl doll that you can paint on (I forget the name). His theme was how these new products appeal to your nostalgia. Rishi talked about his invention called HapTap which is a keypad solely devoted to emoticons and lolspeak which he created years ago as well as this rubber pad that you put on the dashboard of your car to hold stuff like cellphones. Kim bought me one of those a while ago. Phil and Darren talked about their new startup called TextHog which lets you text message in your expenses to this online expense tracker. It’s very neat – what’s even neater is the fact that they cranked this out in less than a month and it’s already gotten over 300 registered users. Sean showed of his pomade (which is something my father used to use) – which is a very retro product. He likes it because one little 2.99 thing of that lasts him months as opposed to hair gel or whatever which doesn’t work as well and disappears much sooner.

Here are some photos from the event.

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