My friends Shelly and David have been hard at work at Autodesk ever since their company was acquired and wanted to share their brainchild with me. Project Dragonfly is a free web based application available through the Autodesk labs site that allows you to create home floor plans complete with furnishing in top view 2D mode or 3D isometric view. I saw an earlier version a few months back, and it’s really quite impressive.

What’s amazing about this application is how intelligent the system is. Objects that belong on the wall automatically attach themselves to the closest wall. There is built-in collision detection so you don’t create furniture abominations. Objects that belong on the floor such as rugs automagically go underneath sofas.

For you tech geeks, you should know that this is all done in 3D and the performance of the application is amazing considering how many 3D objects there can be in the scene all with pretty high resolution textures.

Read more about it here.

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