A guest blog post by Kimberly Pongpaet.

Let’s face it. There are some places that just aren’t cool to have hair. I personally think women shouldn’t have it under their arms, and men shouldn’t have it growing out their nose. But more importantly, I don’t want it on my bedding. I dislike waking up in the morning coughing up hairballs because I’ve inhaled enough cat hair in my sleep to produce one.

I’m an obsessive compulsively clean person. This often creates frustration when it comes to my cat (whom I love dearly – though I think my husband believes her to be the anti-christ- LOL). I’ve bought endless lint/hair rollers to lift her little hairs from the bed. They’re often poorly made and never really remove any significant amount of hair (unless I use the whole roll). This has led me to dragging the vacuum into the bedroom with the brush attachment daily. The process is cumbersome and time consuming.

So what’s a woman to do about all this unwanted hair?????

FINALLY I’ve found a product that not only does the job, but I would endorse. Hell I would go door to door and demo it, just to show people how great it works. I’ve already bought one for my best friend as a gift and she loves it.

What could it be… this modern marvel of hair removal? It’s the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. It’s under $5.00 and comes with two coupons in the box for $1 off the purchase of your next one. Oh, and there WILL be a next one I assure you. This thing works like magic! Just a few short side to side strokes and it pulls up all the pet hair. It’s neatly stored in the clear dome shaped attached holder ( so you can see just how much disgusting pet hair you had laying around). A real treat for someone with my OCD.

Here’s the catch. It’s not reusable. It would have be easy enough for them to make the plastic top to pop off and be emptied. But then…why buy more? Smart for them, sucks for the consumer. Oh well. It won’t stop me from buying more. They do soften the blow considerably with the $1 coupon, and when you see those removable paper rollers for $5 a pop it seems like a bargain.

I tip my hat to the R&D people at Pledge. Good job. Now I can ensure my hubby sleeping peacefully knowing the pet hair is where it should be (on the cat).

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