There are so many social networking sites right now that I can’t even keep track of them all. Not only that, but they all have adopted the status feature which lets you post a short message. Twitter’s whole service offering is just the status update. This is a great marketing tool that you can leverage to drive traffic to your site. However updating them all can be a huge pain. I for example have accounts for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, and the list goes on and on. Different people in my different social circle interact with me only through certain social networks. If I wanted to share a link with them, I can choose to do it through all the services and waste tons of time or pick my battles and decide what social network I want to put my energy in.

This is where comes in. It’s a great service which consolidates the updating of all your social networks in one very easy to use site. With, I can update my status there once, and it blasts it to all my social networks I have set up in

I’ve been using for a while now, and although it’s great, I still have to go to the site and log into it. With all that I have going on, that’s just not convenient enough.

Enter txtful. Txtful is a service that hooks your instant messenger account or phone to Web 2.0 services. To put it into concrete terms, I can hook Netflix to my txtful account and send an SMS to add movies to my queue. I can also do it from my IM account. I add as a contact and then I can tell it to refill my prescription without having to talk to a pharmacist.

This brings me back to my post. Txtful has a shortcut to With that, I just send a status update and it pipes the instructions to ping which blasts it to all my social networks. The reason I like txtful is because my IM client is ALWAYS on when I am on. I don’t need to go to another website; I just do it right from my IM client. It saves me an extra step. + txtful = uber efficient social media whore

Give these 2 services a shot.

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