Almost two weeks ago we picked up our newest member of the family. His name is Snuggles and he’s an 8-week old havanese puppy. He’s so tiny that I actually think he’s smaller than a subway sandwich. When Kim first found him she absolutely adored him and told me we had to have him. I don’t think words do him justice.

Here he is in the sink. In the beginning he was very needy. If he didn’t see us for any period of time he would start whimpering and crying. After not even 2 weeks, he’s shown a lot of improvement. Now he’s able to hang out by himself for a little bit. He figured out the puppy pad pretty quick but he’s also pooped and peed wherever he pleases. We got him these steps to help him up the couch and he figured those out right away although he didn’t like going down headfirst. He’s recently figured out how to go down sort of sideways.

I’ve never had a puppy or a dog before and I have to say they are a lot more work than I ever imagine. Stay tuned for more posts on Snuggles.

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