I’ve been on a Kindle kick lately. It’s uber-convenient and I get to save money and be a bit green. I’m on my fourth book already and I thought I better jot down my thoughts and notes before I forget. This particular book is in the vein of more recent business where the title is usually a word followed by an explanatory phrase. The books are almost always paperback all in white with a simple graphic and text in black. Here are some of the passages I liked.

Trade-Off: Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don’t

by Kevin Maney and Jim Collins

Adding a social dimension can change the prospect of a product or service. That’s why teens will buy a cell-phone ring tone for three dollars but balk at paying ninety-nine cents for a full song on iTunes.

The ability to say “I went to Harvard” is, for many, probably worth more than the actual experience of going to Harvard. This is part of the reason why attending Harvard is a higher fidelity education experience than attending say Penn State: the identity aspect of Harvard is worth more.

Cost is a key part of convenience for the simple reason that if something costs less, it is easier for most people to buy – which means the product or service is easier to obtain.

Never evaluate a product or service based on the enthusiasm of early adopters.

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