2009 is over and boy has it felt fast. I was really into the whole blogging thing for most of the year. Towards the end, I was so busy with work that I barely had time to put out any posts. I also had trouble coming up with ideas for blog posts as I was trying to be more strategic with my posts as opposed to blogging about any old thing I could talk about. With that in mind, I decided to analyze what posts were popular on my blog. Here are the top 10:

  1. Set Up Papervision 2.0 for Flex 3 in 3 Minutes Flat. This post proved very popular, clocking in at over 3000 unique visits. It’s easy to see why. It’s very helpful and you can see that from the comments. Also the title is also very dramatic.
  2. Flash ActionScript stage.stageWidth vs stage.width Seriously, this post was 2 sentences, but it was very useful information for Flash developers.
  3. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Review Currently the Youtube video of this has over 24,000 views. It’s been by far the most popular video I’ve created. At some point if you searched for Iron Gym Bar review, the video on youtube was the 3rd hit on Google. I never expected this to be as popular as it is, but this topic has very broad appeal and in retrospect, not all that surprising.
  4. Flex AS3 Swf to Swf Communication via LocalConnection Again, this fits into the educational reference post.
  5. 5 Ways to Accessorize and Customize Your New MacBook Pro This was one of those posts meant to generate revenue through affiliate sales. To be honest, I really haven’t made much from it, although it still remains a popular post.
  6. Twitter + Augmented Reality It’s pretty cool to see this post get picked up. It doesn’t contain any sample code and just talks about the subject matter. You can see that part of the reason was that it was retweeted so many times. – Retweets == big deal.
  7. Top 10 Must See Martial Arts Movies This one of those posts I had a lot of fun doing. It combines my passion for martial arts and my desire to blog and share that passion. So it’s awesome to see it in the top 10 posts.
  8. Yelp.com – Stop Being Evil, A Commentary on Today’s Social Review Sites This post was quite a hit. I had written it well over 6 months before the whole Yelp thing came out. When people were hungry for anybody with a perspective on Yelp, my post was ready for it. I even got a call from a newspaper asking my perspective.
  9. Flex E4X XML Filtering Again this was one of those technical reference posts.
  10. Concept Virtual Corkboard With Handwriting Recognition for Large Interactive Walls This and the Twitter AR post is the kind of stuff I want to do more writing of. They are not technical but illustrate concepts that I like to speak and blog about. However they consume a lot of time since I have to build the demo, create a video then write about it. I’ve had some inquiries about the code as well.

If we were to break it down, the top 10 posts were made up of mostly technical reference posts, the kind that show up when developers are googling for help. I’ll probably still do some of that and try to mix in some of my pie in the sky posts.

Popularity: 1% [?]

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