Today I participated in the Chicago Shaolin Kungfu/Wushu Tournament as chief judge of the contemporary wushu division. Students from All Star Kung Fu, Chicago Wushu, and Extreme Kungfu were present. It was great to see the next generation of martial artists perform. One of the things that many look forward to at these events are the Masters Demo. This is usually where the instructors perform a demonstration. The idea here is that the tournament is really for the kids, so the instructors usually don’t compete. However, the instructors sometimes get to showcase their skill and talent in the Masters Demo. There’s no judging for these performances, just a display of years of training.

Today I was looking forward to seeing the instructors from All Star Kung Fu, most of them ex-pro athletes from China do their Masters Demo. Here are some videos:

Masters Demo – All Star Kung Fu

Masters Demo Warmup

Don Hyun K Performing RopeDart

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