We have our winner of the free Motorola Droid giveaway. Last week I decided to give away my Motorola Droid that I got from the Google Hackathon as a way to get more followers as well as to find interesting people to connect with. I used twitRand, a random Twitter follower picker to pick my winner and looked at their tweets to make sure they retweeted the message. I decided to hold off on making a post until the winner received her prize.

1And our winner is … Katie Hommer @katiehommer. I asked her to write a blur about herself. Here it is:

“I received my phone! Again, thank you so much! I have been longing for a Droid since November, but I was going to wait for the price to come down!

My name is Katie and I hail from Iowa. A lot of people usually turn up their nose at Iowa, but I have been all over the world and Iowa is home. Most people would be surprised at the culture and the amount of things to do in Iowa. (We are also one of the few states the recognize gay marriages – go Iowa!) Being from Iowa, I am also a HUGE Iowa Hawkeye fan. After September rolls around, all of my weekends revolve around the Hawkeye football schedule. I work in the marketing field in a stifling cubical, but I actually do love my job and the people I get to work with. I am a social media geek and love all things internet-marketing related. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, running and hiking, camping, traveling, do-it-yourself projects and creating things in general. I hate the winter and love all other seasons. My boyfriend and I have a dog and my cat who I treat like children – I’m honestly boarder line crazy when it comes to my animals, but I feel that as long as I recognize that, I am OK. I also love 80′s/90′s hair-banger music – give me some 38 Special and Firehouse over Kanye any day of the week! OH! I am also addicted to good deals – it makes my week if I can find name-brand anything at 70% off. I look high-class on a Busch-Light budget. Winning the Droid from Pek definitely helped me perpetuate that addiction. :) If you’re interested in following my blog, check it out at http://katiehommer.blogspot.com.”

Thank you everyone for participating in the contest. If I get more free stuff, I’ll definitely have more contests – I had a blast.

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