I’ve been on a documentary kick lately. I just saw shows like Super Size Me, and Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat. I think childhood obesity is a big issue that won’t go away easily. Companies are bombarding kids with messages that undermine parents. So my views on the subject matter is a bit colored.


I’m a big fan of using design to solve problems and using infographics to educate or simplify messages. Here’s my take on how fast food packaging should be designed. I put this rough mockup together in a few minutes, but hopefully the point gets across. However I doubt that fast food companies would actually implement this as it wouldn’t be in their best interest to do this.

I was inspired by the ClearRX system designed by a visual arts grad student for Target prescriptions.

Another source of inspiration is the Steve Jobs presentation style. His messages are clear and concise. For example, he doesn’t say how many gigabytes an iPod has, because it’s too abstract. What does that mean to the users? An iPod can store 10,000 songs. That’s relevant to the consumers.

So putting the caloric information in terms that people would understand was important. My thought was that if people understood that eating this portion of fries equated to having to run on the treadmill for over half an hour, that is more tangible that 380 calories. What does that even mean 380 calories?

Slideshare is also a great resource for finding inspiring and well designed presentations. I’m also a big fan of the Nancy Duarte school of presentation design. She’s the person responsible for designing Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth presentation.

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