This is not a discussion about pharma, but rather about entrepreneurship and your product. Every time, I run into Genevieve Thiers, CEO of SitterCity, she emphasizes the importance of this point. In case you are not familiar with SitterCity, it’s a babysitting matchmaking service. Parents (moms) need baby sitters. Baby sitters need to make money. Match the two and facilitate the search process through checks and reviews.

Morphine solves a HUGE pain for the customer. Aspirin cures a headache. Vitamins are supplements – a nice to have. So which is your product? Genevieve’s approach to business is to solve a huge pain. People will pay money to make their pain go away. People who are looking for baby sitters desperately need the help and will pay to get that help. That is not to say you can’t make money selling vitamins, but she’d put her money on a morphine product any day. What are your thoughts?

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