At some point you will face a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Whether this is a technical problem, a challenge at work, or a plateau in your training, everyone will come across this at some point in their life. I have been working on something for quite some time. I keep slowly plugging away at it, but lately, I’ve seem to hit a brick wall, and I feel like I’ve been equipped with only sticks and stones to take down this mountain of bricks despite my best efforts. At times like these, I tell myself to keep pushing but when there’s no hope in sight, it can be daunting. It’s so easy to throw up your hands and give up. The seduction of just letting it all go can be tempting.

Sometimes you just have to step back and take a look at how much you have accomplished. At times like these it’s good to have someone tell you that the end might just be around the corner. If you stop now, you’d never know how close you got. There is a Chinese saying, “Failure is the mother of success.” You can rarely succeed without first failing. Through failure we learn our lessons just as long as we are willing to pick ourselves up and keep moving.

I hit plateaus in my martial arts training all the time. When that happens, I try to surround myself with people who will push me and motivate me. I also try to change it up a bit and work on not only getting over the hump but also training on other stuff that may help me get over the plateau. Sometimes, you just need a break or get a fresh perspective.

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.
- Steve Jobs 1995

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