I tend to share a lot of links and articles on Twitter and Facebook for my friends and followers. I’m always curious as to what types of content resonates with my readers. What I usually do is pipe all my shared content through bit.ly which is a URL shortening service that provides analytics. That’s good because if you want to see what your readers gravitate towards you can find out and give them more of what they want.

What I decided to do is to look at the click data for the last 3 weeks of my sharing and see what received the most clicks. Since I post the headlines with the link, a more catchier headline probably fared better on its own merit rather than the actual content.

Clicks    Article
102    Spectacular Photo Manipulations | Inspiration
70    How Entrepreneurs Have Changed – YourAM Blog
60    The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like’ « OkTrends
58    Why We Don’t Need More Women In Tech… Yet «
58    On the Edge – I am Jason Fried. I say amazing and thoughtfu…
56    9 Websites Stuck in the 1990’s / Flowtown (@flowtown)
55    MySQL Diehard vs. NoSQL Fanboi: The Animated Movie – ReadWr..
50    After $75,000, Money Can’t Buy Day-to-Day Happiness
47    What People Earn How We’re Making It Work | Parade.com

What I was surprised to see is that how many of the entrepreneurial and startup  stuff got clicks. Although many of my readers are entrepreneurs, most are not. I also have about 2000 friends on Twitter and Facebook give or take so the click through rate is only about 2.5-5% for most popular stuff. Of course with the Twitter stream and Facebook updates, things get lost in the shuffle. They are very time sensitive and people may or may not see your posts. Another thing to consider is what times your readers are online.

Popularity: 2% [?]

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