I follow a lot of discussions around tech startups and the question always comes up, “Why Aren’t There More Women In Tech Startups”? To me it’s just a really nonproductive question and I always want to turn it around and ask other questions in the same line such as:

  • Why aren’t there more men in marketing?
  • Why aren’t there more men in yoga and pilates?
  • Why aren’t there more women in wushu?
  • Why aren’t there more asians in tech startups?
  • Why aren’t there more blacks in tech startups?
  • Why aren’t there more indians in social media?

I could go on and on and on. My thought is that people who are passionate about their profession or field identify themselves more by their interests and field and less by their gender or race. For example, I don’t see many Thai people in tech startups but one time I went to a lean startup meetup and there ended up being 3 Thai people there making us somewhat the majority. That was pretty funny. I digress. Most of the times though it’s young white male, but I don’t really think about that at all. I am not concerned where all the other Thais are. I most worry about how I can learn more from people more experienced than me.

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