I recently read Mark Cuban’s book “How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It”. It was a short read but full of valuable nuggets of insight on his approach to business. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear that he’s been on the show Shark Tank which I also enjoy.

Here are some great quotes I highlighted from the book:

Lesson #1: Always ask yourself how someone could preempt your products or service.

Always run your business like you are going to be competing with biggest technology companies in your

The only thing any entrepreneur, salesperson or anyone in any position can control is their effort.

Everyone has got the will to win; it’s only those with the will to prepare.

Win the battles you are in before you take on new battles.

Treat your customers like they own you. Because they do.

Moral of the story: Make your product easier to buy than your competition…

The best salespeople are the ones who put themselves in their customer’s shoes and provide a solution

Know your core competencies and focus on being great at them. Pay up for people in your core competencies.

It’s not in the dreaming, it’s in the doing.

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