One of the coolest things about having a popular site like Pinstagram is the ability to get meaningful data about user behavior. We integrated MixPanel to track every type of user activity including any clicks, and scrolls. Without getting into actual numbers, but rather percentages, we can see some really cool user behavior.

  • 43% of all activities are scrolls
  • 16% of activities are zooms
  • 15% of activities are tab clicks
  • 12% of activities are likes
  • 1.3% of activities are comments
  • 1.7% of activities are searches

Another great data point is that our users average about 10 scrolls each. By scroll I mean, they reached the end of the page, and we present them with another set of photos. That’s equivalent to 10 pages views. I doubt that if instead of an infinite scroll UI, we had next page buttons, that we would have had 10 page views per user. What this means is that the infinite scroll paradigm is really low friction. People don’t mind scrolling down, but pressing buttons is somehow more work.

Likes make up 12% of all activities. But comments make up a measly 1 percent. The ratio makes sense to me since Liking requires a click and requires some effort compared to just scrolling. Commenting requires even more effort and thus is an order of magnitude less than Liking.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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