So you just graduated and are looking for a job. The problem is your classmates just graduated as well and they are just as qualified as you if not more so and they are also looking. What do you? If you really want to show your employers what you are capable of, you create a project for yourself. If you are a writer, start writing; if you are an illustrator, start illustrating, if you are a designer, start designing; if you are an MBA – well I don’t have all the answers.

The point is instead of talking about what you can do on your resume, just show people what you do. Of course this is going to be a problem for people who can talk a big game but can’t deliver the goods, but that’s the point. You are trying to separate yourself from that crowd.

Every time I launch a new project, I always get a flurry of job offers. When you take on a project, that is infinitely more tangible than a line in the resume. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a project’s gotta be worth more than that. Employers can see what you have to offer instead of having to infer it from a piece of paper, among a huge pile of papers.

So I tell you, recent grads, if you want a job, starting putting out work.

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