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I’m an entrepreneur, nerd, geek, techie, developer, designer, engineer, mac user. That probably describes the majority of tech bloggers. I’m the VP of Technology and Product at SpotOn Inc in Chicago.

So why do I think you should read my blog? I believe my unique life experience gives me an interesting perspective if anything, and it’d be a shame not to share it. I spent my childhood as a diplomatic brat moving from country to country with my parents. I’ve worked at a failed startup, an insurance company, a big 4 consulting company, a technology/interactive agency, and presently a high-tech startup. I occasionally do freelance web & graphic design and dabble in photography. I’m also an accomplished martial artist. I teach classes, won medals in international competition and have served as head judge at various competitions.


In a past life, I was a certified Java Developer, a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and a certified BroadVision Developer. I did everything from Vizio wireframes, to writing front end code, developing COM objects, writing insane SQL queries, and designing websites in PhotoShop. A bonafide one man web shop you could say. Nowadays I focus more on product development and design.

I’m a tech nut. I love to tinker. I’m obsessed with technology and make it my business to know what’s hot and what’s not in the tech world. People worry about information overload, but I can’t seem to get enough information. I follow over 300 RSS feeds. I’m a big advocate of all the wonderful Google tools like Notebook, Docs, and Reader.

Martial Arts

My passion for chinese martial arts began early on from watching chinese kung fu serials in Thailand. I’ve always thought it was really cool to be able to wield weapons and fight like Jet Li or Jackie Chan. While kids in the US grew up on comic book heroes, my heroes were the kungfu masters of wuxia novels and tv shows. However life did not show me the path to chinese martial arts (wushu) till late in life when I met Master Daniel Pesina (of Mortal Kombat fame) in 1998. He opened me to a new world of skill, discipline, artistry and mastery that would come to consume and permeate all of my life. My martial arts experience has led to motion capture roles in the Mortal Kombat video games. I’ve been featured on a TV show about video games for those roles. I’ve also participated in Theatricks, a one of a kind live martial arts theater show. Nowadays though I mostly train to maintain and I teach the new generation.

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  1. david lee
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 08:51:29

    shelfluv.com is incredible. i instantly bookmarked it. if you’re ever in silicon valley, give me a buzz! great job! really well-done


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  3. Dale
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 21:48:36

    Nice blog really useful discussion points. I used to be very open sharing my ideas, the article made me realize i had closed down a little lately. Time to start sharing again and focusing on action and collaboration


  4. Johnny C
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 20:34:33

    Hi Pek, I found your site looking for reviews on the Iron Gym and glanced at your about me. Are you involved with any of the Third Culture Kid groups out there? I think your expertise and background would be a great addition to our community, since your background moving country to country as a diplomat kid is in line with the typical TCK experience. If you want to read some of my two cents about it, check out my blog.

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