Exercises You Can Do With The Iron Gym

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I’ve been meaning to post something like this for a while now. Of all the Youtube videos I’ve posted, the original Iron Gym video review I posted a year back has been the most popular by far. In an attempt to do more of what works as well as to document some of my workout here’s hopefully part 1 of what might be a series of videos.


Ever since I saw this crazy video:

I’ve been obsessed with front lever pullups. I can’t do one yet, but I’m working up to that. My first goal was to be able to lift myself into that position. I’ve gotten that far and now need to work on holding that position with proper posture. As a martial artist I think it’s important to build core strength. Exercises like these are great for that.

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Masters Demo Videos

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Today I participated in the Chicago Shaolin Kungfu/Wushu Tournament as chief judge of the contemporary wushu division. Students from All Star Kung Fu, Chicago Wushu, and Extreme Kungfu were present. It was great to see the next generation of martial artists perform. One of the things that many look forward to at these events are the Masters Demo. This is usually where the instructors perform a demonstration. The idea here is that the tournament is really for the kids, so the instructors usually don’t compete. However, the instructors sometimes get to showcase their skill and talent in the Masters Demo. There’s no judging for these performances, just a display of years of training.

Today I was looking forward to seeing the instructors from All Star Kung Fu, most of them ex-pro athletes from China do their Masters Demo. Here are some videos:

Masters Demo – All Star Kung Fu

Masters Demo Warmup

Don Hyun K Performing RopeDart

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Cover Story: Daytime Developer, Nighttime Ninja

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About two months ago I was contacted by Jasmine Grimm, Editor-in-Chief of Connections magazine. She wanted to do a story on me because I’m a weird guy with an interesting story. She found me on Twitter and did some research on me before contacting me. We did a phone interview which she used for her story. Here’s the article


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What is Wushu Class Like?

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For people who are interested in the classes that I take, here’s a peak at Extreme Kung Fu. At any martial arts class, I usually try to get there early – usually to stretch, warm up, and to do some calisthenics or conditioning exercises.

At Extreme, warm up is part of the class. This part usually knocks the wind out of me since I’m so out of shape now. Next is the stretch kicks – these are basic kicks that we try to do every class because you can’t have good wushu without good basics. Then it’s on to jump kicks. We either end class or start the next class with individual forms or routines. We each take turns to perform sections of our routine. This part is where you step up your A game since you are the center of attention when you are on.

If you have any questions regarding class, feel free to ask me or contact Extreme at http://www.extremekungfu.com/

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Wushu Workout

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Here’s a video clip of last week’s workout with Taylor and Don.

It’s so funny. I never posted anything during the peak of my wushu career. Well, I didn’t even have a blog then but that’s besides the fact. I was too busy practicing to be bothered with sharing what I did with the rest of the world. Now that I’m old and past my prime, it’s amusing that I share my wushu workouts so freely.

Partly it’s because I’m not getting any younger so I figure how I look now is going to be better than how I look in the future so if I’m going to post stuff, it might as well be now. Also, it’s good to be able to look back on this stuff. Not to mention that when you post stuff online, you have to step up your game. :)

Can anyone tell who’s staff intro I am using?

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