Monetizing Mobile Presentation Slides

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I recently gave a presentation at a conference for mobile on Monetizing Mobile. Here are my slides.

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Cross Platform Mobile Development Face Off

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I recently gave a talk at the Google Android International Code Sprint in Chicago. I compared two cross platform mobile development frameworks. What that means is that you can use these frameworks to create applications in one programming language and deploy them to different mobile platforms with little or no code modification. This is a major convenience to many app developers. Anyways, here are my slides. They are very visual and don’t have a lot of content. My slides are really only there to support my talk but here they are for your viewing pleasure.

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Recap of Day of Mobile

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Organizers of the Day of Mobile sent out a newsletter to follow up after the conference.

Here are the hackathon results:

Best Overall App: Novarra Team
Best Overall Runner Up: Runner up: Ravi Singh (@code4ever)
Best Open Source App – Mike Laurence (@mikelaurence)
Best Student App – Knapp Lab Team (IIT)
Best iPhone App – Pek Pongpaet (@pekpongpaet) and Chad Paulson (@chadpaulson)
Best Android App – Android Technical
Best Blackberry App – Vibhor Goyal (@vbgoz)
Best Design: Jon Jenkins

Also some of the speakers have posted their presentations up which is great since I didn’t get to go to any of them.

Slide shows/Contact Information:

Jason Shah
Twitter: @jasonshah
Presentation: Media on the Android Platform –

Jeff Norris
Twitter: @norrisjp
Presentation: Growing an iPhone App with an Internal Open Source Project –

Mark Murphy
Twitter: @commonsguy
Presentation: Making Money in Mobile –

Dave Uhler
Presentation: Mobility Application Trends in the Enterprise –

Robert Martin
Twitter: @unclebobmartin
Presentation: Dynamic Languages Are The Future –

J Schwan
Twitter: @jschwan
J’s Meetup Group:
Presentation: Mobile Development Tips and Tricks –

Sean Vosen/Vincent Riccardi
Presentation: Connecting Your Apps to the Cloud – Vivo:

Chris Grove
Twitter: @cagrove
Presentation: Multi Platform Apps –

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