August 2008 Blog Report

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Time does fly. It’s that time of month again where I report on my traffic. I’m starting to get lazy so I’ll just do the screenshot of the darn thing. But first, the site report:

Site Stats
Number of Posts 12
Number of Comments 7
Top Traffic Sources
Google 426
StumbleUpon 54
Dclick Blog 24

I am on target with the number of posts per month. About 1 every 3 days which isn’t bad. Google search remains a strong source of traffic. I seem to turn up when people search for mac stuff. Also still getting decent traffic from some of my Flex posts. One of my most popular posts this month clocking in at over 160 hits is my interview of Shane Vitarana developer of the popular iPhone app Drumkit. It didn’t hurt that he twittered it. As you can see, the traffic grew from the previous month, but I would probably attribute this to Shane’s twittering and his promotion of my blog. I also get some hits from my Brazilian friends from Roundarch. Thanks guys. I still don’t promote my blog on twitter. I don’t know why. I just don’t like to cross the streams ;p

August 2008 Google Analytics Report

Oh, and you’ll be happy to know that I did manage to sell a few items through Amazon this month. I didn’t make any referral sales prior month and had written the whole thing off. Well, it’s back on and I won’t complain. That’s it for now.

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July Blog Report

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I can’t believe I’m 3 months into blogging now. How crazy. It’s amazing I can keep this up while still doing all my other things, but hopefully I will stick with this. One big change this month is that I’ve decided to take out the ads on my site. I’ve earned less than $10 from ad revenue total but found that the ads made my site load slowly and detracted from the overall experience. I can always add them back once I get more traffic to make the ad revenue more worthwhile. For now I think it’s important to keep my readers engaged. Another change was that I introduced a new section – Business since some of my articles related to business and it didn’t make sense to put them under Technology.

Site Stats
Number of Posts 11
Number of Comments 8
Unique Visitors 748
Page Views 1259
Top Traffic Sources
Google 248
StumbleUpon 231
Digg 30
Dclick Blog 23
Most Popular Pages Page Views
PicLens Review 327
5 Ways to Accessorize Your Macbook Pro 134
Flex AS3 Swf to Swf Communication via LocalConnection 82
Mortal Kombat Intros – All the Ones That I Did 76

Let’s analyze the numbers. My numbers went down from last month, but 700 visitors is still pretty good. Stumbleupon still accounts for a healthy portion of my traffic but Google search is playing a more important role this month. Overall, people seem to be searching for mac stuff and flex code. I had a huge interest in my Mortal Kombat stuff from some of my readers as my new coworkers were interested in that stuff. I’ve even been linked to from one of their blogs which accounted for some of the traffic there.

I wrote even less posts than I did last month, averaging about 1 every 3 days. This is probably what I am comfortable with and I will try to shoot for this next month. I actually had no affiliate sales this month which sucks even though a few people did click into amazon.

All in all, it’s going to be slow and steady. I’ve already noticed I’ve started twittering less, but that may be due also to the fact that it was down all the time.

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June 2008 Blog Report

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It’s that time of the month that I report on the progress of this blog. This month, I didn’t have nearly as many posts. This was due to 2 reasons. I was on vacation for a week, and things have been very busy in my life that I haven’t had nearly as much time to blog as I wanted.

Site Stats
Number of Posts 14
Number of Comments 13
Unique Visitors 4133
Page Views 4889
Top Traffic Sources
Stumbleupon 3639
Google 222
Youtube 32
Most Popular Pages Page Views
Top 5 Mac Software for the Recent Switcher 3287
5 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog 351
SXSW 2008: On The Art of Speed 217

Let’s analyze the numbers. I had an almost 7 fold increase in traffic. This was due to several reasons: traffic from my existing content, and the social bookmarking site stumbleupon. I bookmark my pages on stumbleupon and try to tag them with as many meaningful tags relevant to the page as much as possible. I definitely recommend stumbleupon as a traffic generation tool. A little bit of traffic even came from my wushu youtube videos which I linked back to my site. June 2008 Google Analytics

This month I had 14 posts, about 1 post every 2 days. Not bad considering the week off and the very busy schedule. The number of comments was quite disappointing considering the traffic. It’s probably safe to assume that the stumbleupon crowd aren’t big commenters.

I won’t be discussing ad revenue anymore. However it’s safe to say it’s negligible until traffic drastically increases. I will say that I’ve experienced over a 10 fold increase in Amazon affiliate sales due to the traffic. This was a pleasant surprise. I had experimented writing recommendation blog posts in which I recommend products and provide links to Amazon products that I review and recommend. Seems to be working. I even recommend it in a blog post here.

It’s pretty exciting to see the increase in traffic. How many of those people will come back to read my other posts remains to be seen. I did get a comment from a reader telling me to stick to new technology posts and not regurgitating information. I’ll try to make it a good mix between posts that tend to attract traffic, latest tech news in RIAs, and my personal life.

Popularity: 1% [?] is 1 Month Old

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So my blog is exactly one month old. I thought I’d do an analysis of my site and break down some vital statistics. I’m interested in data such as number of visitors, where they are coming from, how much time they are spending, and finally income.

Site Stats
Number of Posts 27
Number of Comments 26
Unique Visitors 632
Page Views 1341
Avg Time On Site 15m
Top Traffic Sources Visits
Google 142
StumbleUpon 70
Digg 21
Most Popular Pages Visits
Ruby On Rails Tutorial 115
Top Must Have Mac Software 98
Martial Arts Category 55
Total Revenue $3.69

Keep in mind this is the very first month. Nobody knows who I am, and I don’t have a whole lot of content. I haven’t done much in terms of promotion. I was very surprised to see that Google indexed my blog 3 days after it started.

So let’s analyze this a bit. At 27 posts, that’s almost 1 post every day. My goal was to try to post about 5 times a week corresponding to 1 per work day. I was pretty successful with that, but we’ll see how long I actually keep it up. At 26 comments, that’s an average of 1 comment per post which I think is pretty good.

As for visits and page views, I don’t have much to say about that other than I use it to calculate the cost per click. Average time on site was interesting. I think it was probably skewed by the fact that I was still doing design coding on it and had the site open for long sessions at a time.

Google bringing in the most traffic was no surprise there. Overall, I’m quite pleased with StumbleUpon as a social bookmarking platform. I did not try delicious although that’s something I will want to explore next. Digg did not bring a significant amount of traffic and I didn’t expect that it would after reading many a blog articles about how skewed it is.

Here is where it gets interesting. My most popular page was the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. It was a really simple tutorial, but apparently RoR is teh hotness because many people are searching for it. I’m not Rails experts by any stretch of the word. It was so hard for me to figure out how to even get a Hello World app that I had to write it all down. Top Mac software also made the list. What’s interesting is the 3rd most popular link was my Martial Arts category tab. I would have expected another article.

For some of you, this will be the most important part of the report. How much money did I make? A grand total of $3.69. Sources of revenue including advertising and affiliate residual income. That comes to a CPC (Cost Per Click) of almost $0.06. Considering that I put in about 30 hours into this, my hourly rate is about $0.12. Woohoo! I think manual laborers in India and China earn more than this.

The primary goal of this website wasn’t about trying to make a professional living out of blogging. I figured, if I was gonna blog, I might as well throw some ads up, and if it makes money – great. I think the only people who are making any serious money blogging are the ones who blog about how to make money blogging. So if I was serious about making money blogging, I would start a blog about making money online. To me, that’s a hard road where the chances of success are slim. Plus I don’t know much about the subject, and I probably wouldn’t be very passionate about it. And about the products and affiliates I endorse, I either actually have or use the product or it’s in my wishlist. I’m not going to push anything just to make money if I didn’t actually believe in the product or would use it myself.

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

Actually, my financial goals for the blog are quite modest. I’d be happy if the revenue generated pays for the hosting. At least that way, the blog doesn’t cost me any money – just my time, which I am willing to give in order to share my knowledge and passion about certain subjects. That said, I believe my goal is quite attainable. My hosting costs $20/month. At the rate I’m earning, I would need about a 5 fold increase in traffic per month which comes to about 7,200 page views a month. That’s really not all that much traffic. Keep in mind that on top of the new content I will be writing, my old posts would still be generating traffic.

I also found this fun little widget. It calculates your blog’s valuation based on the amount and source of links to your website. At the time of this report, my blog is worth $1,129.08. Of course this is paper value, and even if it was worth a lot of money, it’s not like I can sell it.

To conclude, I had no expectations about the performance of this blog, this being the first month and all. I was just happy about the one thing I could control which was that I was able to push myself to write almost daily on top of all the other crap I’m involved in.

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