How to Create Compeling Advertising

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Watch this ad:

and then watch this ad:

The former commercial focuses on the features. If you look at the signage in the commercial, it says things like 8MP Camera, Wifi Hotspot, Smartphone, HDMI, etc etc. It basically tells me what this phone is about but as far as appealing to me or striking a cord, it falls flat.

The latter commercial tells a story. The product (insurance) isn’t even shown in the commercial, only mentioned in passing at the end.

You can appeal to logic by listing all the things your product does and try to outdo the competition by doing more and more, or you can appeal to base emotions like anger, joy, happiness, love, hope, or in this case loss. I think the latter works better and is timeless. Imagine watching the Android commercial 5 years from now. Will you be impressed by 4G, HDMI, 8MP cameras? At the rate technology moves, probably no. The Thai insurance commercial is actually a very old commercial, but it has as much resonance today as it did when it first came out.

The iPhone Facetime commercial reminds me very much of this style of advertising:

Apple never tells you all the features the phone as. They just show you how it can change the way you share experiences with your loved ones.

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Touché, PC – Well Played.


Recently saw this commercial on TV and it totally kicked any Mac vs PC ad by Apple. This was a real demo of how easy it is to use a PC, not some skit talking about how a mac is better. The message: So easy even a 4 yr old can do it. She’s cute and Asian to boot. Go PC!

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How To Make Ideas Stick

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For those of you who have not yet read the great book “Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die”, here’s a 10 second recap of the book. It’s a great book and I highly recommend studying it. However if you are just lazy and/or don’t have time – this quick presentation will give you a gist although it does not do it justice to say I’ve summed up the entire book in 10 simple slides.

Here’s the Amazon link:

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7/12/2008 Weekly Favorite Links

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I’m a little behind on my blogging. I was wrapping up my old job and started a new job this week. This week’s favorite links features sites that I found useful to me and therefore hopefully to my readers as well:

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Weekly Favorite Links

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Some of these links are kinda old, but I figured I’d share them with my audience anyways. The focus of this week’s links are robotics and user interfaces.

Boston Dynamics Big Dog Quadruped Robot Showcasing real time walking and balancing. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see it recover from slipping on ice.

Dean Kamen, inventor of the infamous Segway, shows off his “Luke” (as in Luke Skywalker) prosthetic robotic arm. I thought this was amazing and even more profound than the segway.

Hot along the heels of the movie Iron Man, this is a real life exoskeleton suit reminiscent of Ripley’s powersuit in Aliens. It augments the wearer’s strength and is quite mobile.

Other Links

  • The Eco Zoo is a site done in Papervision3D (an open source 3D library for Flash). This is probably the coolest Papervision site I’ve ever seen bar none.
  • Browse the Flickr universe not just metaphorically in this Papervision browser.
  • Some really creative advertisements.
  • Livescribe digital pens. Not only does it digitize what you write, it also records the audio to go along with it. I want one of these, but I’ll wait for Mac support.

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