Wushu Workout

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Here’s a video clip of last week’s workout with Taylor and Don.

It’s so funny. I never posted anything during the peak of my wushu career. Well, I didn’t even have a blog then but that’s besides the fact. I was too busy practicing to be bothered with sharing what I did with the rest of the world. Now that I’m old and past my prime, it’s amusing that I share my wushu workouts so freely.

Partly it’s because I’m not getting any younger so I figure how I look now is going to be better than how I look in the future so if I’m going to post stuff, it might as well be now. Also, it’s good to be able to look back on this stuff. Not to mention that when you post stuff online, you have to step up your game. :)

Can anyone tell who’s staff intro I am using?

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Slides from “Tools for Creating WOW Experiences in FLEX” Talk

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Yesterday I gave a talk at the monthly Chicago Flex Users Group organized by Mike Epstein. In this presentation I give away all my tools and secrets on how I create great experiences for Rich Internet Applications. Here are the slides I promised.

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RIApalooza 2: RIAs Beyond the Mouse and Keyboard Recap

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On May 8th I as at RIApalooza Two, an unconference event for Rich Internet Application enthusiasts. Adam Flater and I gave a talk titled ‘RIA Beyond the Mouse and Keyboard’. Adam and I talked about how computing user interfaces are evolving and moving away from the current status quo of mouse and keyboard.

Adam talked about and demoed examples including his use of the mac accelerometer as an input device, his Lego Mindstorm robot controlled via Flash, and his mobile device, the Tesla Roadster.

I showed a couple videos of innovative uses of technologies such as augmented reality, touch computing, and the Wii balance board. Here’s a link to some of those videos. I demoed controlling a virtual 3D car with the Wii balance board, controlling a 3D earth using head tracking, combining Augmented Reality with Twitter, and my PostIt board with handwriting recognition. These are all part of a holistic vision of what constitutes a more natural user interface, moving away from the more artificial interaction that are the current state of input devices.

Here are some photos taken from Anthony Hand’s camera. My favorite picture has to be where I’m caught picking my nose – great.

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Extreme Kung Fu (and Pek) on Slant TV


Slant TV is Chicago’s Asian American cultural TV show on local cable channel KBC-TV. A couple weeks ago, they came to Extreme Kung Fu Martial Arts school run by Tony Marquez of Mortal Kombat fame to do a segment on the school.

I think it’s a great idea. I’m glad they came over to give the school some exposure. What’s up with the name – Slant though. Makes me think of slanty Asian eyes and that irks me.

Catch me doing a bit of my broadsword segment at time index 6:09

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Autodesk Launches Project Dragonfly, Web-based 2D/3D Home Floor Planning


My friends Shelly and David have been hard at work at Autodesk ever since their company was acquired and wanted to share their brainchild with me. Project Dragonfly is a free web based application available through the Autodesk labs site that allows you to create home floor plans complete with furnishing in top view 2D mode or 3D isometric view. I saw an earlier version a few months back, and it’s really quite impressive.

What’s amazing about this application is how intelligent the system is. Objects that belong on the wall automatically attach themselves to the closest wall. There is built-in collision detection so you don’t create furniture abominations. Objects that belong on the floor such as rugs automagically go underneath sofas.

For you tech geeks, you should know that this is all done in 3D and the performance of the application is amazing considering how many 3D objects there can be in the scene all with pretty high resolution textures.

Read more about it here.

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