Episode 3 of Messing with the Cat

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Today at Target I bought a Santa hat for my cat. My wife warned me that it wasn’t going to go well if I tried putting it on our cat. I bought it anyway thinking it’s going to be funny. Surprisingly she didn’t put up a fight. She seemed to just barely tolerate this indignation. Whatever, she ain’t paying the rent so she’ll have to put up with it.

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Episode I of Messing with the Cat

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This is the first episode in what I hope to be a series of short clips of yours truly messing with one of our cats Peepers and Tara. This one features Tara in one of the things I enjoy doing to her. She likes to play catch the tickling hand. She’s a bit of a biter but she doesn’t realize she bites too hard sometimes so naturally I do my best to avoid getting bitten. It’s also fun just seeing her twitching side to side. Hours of amusement.

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6/27/2008 Weekly Favorite Links

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This week will be a mixed bag of links from every and any subject matter. It’s whatever I thought was funny or cool or just wanted to share with my readers.

I want to finish off with this really cool video of Carnegie Melon’s slithering robot that swims in the water.

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Terminator Judgement Day is Coming


Cyberdyne exoskeletonJapanese company Cyberdyne is developing a robotic exoskeleton. It’s able to augment the wearer’s strength 10-fold. They’ll crank out 500 of these robotic suits by October. I thought, “Wow, that’s really cool.” Until I realized, “Wasn’t the company in the Terminator movies also called Cyberdyne?” Why the heck would you name your company Cyberdyne if you were developing robots. Talk about foreshadowing. I guess now we’ll have to go through all the Sarah Connors in the phone book and protect them before Skynet sends a Terminator back in time to kill her. Or we could just blow up Cyberdyne right now and save humanity. LOL

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