New Wachowski Movie: Ninja Assassin


The Wachowski brothers (can I even call them brothers anymore?) are at it again. This time it’s a ninja movie – freaking ninjas – that’s badass. Famous Korean popstar Rain plays the lead character. I don’t know too much about it but here’s a 5 minute clip of him training for the role along with some stunt people and martial artists. The fight choreography looks top notch.

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Badass Martial Arts

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I’m really passionate about martial arts and not just about the style in which I practice. It’s really hard for the average person to grasp the level and ability of professional martial artists. These warriors and athletes are a different class of humans. I can only hope to attain a fraction of the level of skill they possess. My words simply do not do them justice. When I try to explain to other people what these people are capable of, I come away with the feeling that their skills are not truly appreciated and I consider it a failure on my part. I’d like to share with my readers my passion and adoration for what these people do by giving you a taste of some of the most skilled martial artists in the world.

Korean Tigers
The K-Tigers is the elite Korean taekwondo team.


Tommy Carruthers
Tommy Carruthers is a Jeet Kun Do instructor from the UK. This is the style that Bruce Lee taught. He is insanely fast and powerful. For more videos of him, go to his website.


Beijing Wushu Team
I can’t talk about martial arts without mentioning wushu (aka Chinese martial arts aka kung fu). This is a compilation clip of various members of the Beijing Wushu Team in early 2000.

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Upcoming Martial Arts Movies I Want to See


Champions. Don’t know much about this movie, but the trailer looks awesome and that’s all I really need to know.


Legend of Bruce Lee From what I understand, this is a new series in China starring the Bruce Lee lookalike from Shaolin Soccer. Looks pretty cool to me although how I am going to get my grubby hands on this, I have no clue.


Ip Man More Bruce Lee goodness. Ip Man (aka Yip Man) was Bruce Lee’s teacher. This telling of the story is played by none other than the great Donnie Yen. Stick with the trailer, it gets really good at the end.

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A Glimpse of Kid’s Wushu Class

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I thought I’d give my readers a glimpse of my kids class on Saturdays. Typically we warm up, do stances, basic kicks, and basic moves such as this body turn to floor slap. Then we’ll do either jump kicks, hand forms or weapons. They move pretty fast in this video. These kids rock.

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5 Amazing Fight Scenes You’ve Never Seen

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These fight scenes aren’t from any major movies so I doubt most people have seen them.

  1. A Star Wars fan film with great fight scenes. Stick with it, it’s pretty cool.
  2. This is a 2 on 1 empty hand wushu set.
  3. Amazing spear vs empty hand wushu set.
  4. Well, technically this isn’t one fight scene but a sneak preview of several for the upcoming Tony Jaa movie Ong Bak 2.
  5. The end fight scene of the short film, ‘The Duel’ – a must see for any martial arts buff.

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