With the advent of Twitter where posts are 140 characters or less and Tumblr and Posterous where blog posts are getting shorter and shorter, it is no surprise that a site like ShoutWorthy exists. ShoutWorthy is another online reputation site that lets you recommend people and receive recommendations in 140 characters or less. It even integrates with Twitter or Facebook so you don’t have to sign up with another login and password.

LinkedIn is great for recommendations but because of privacy settings and the fact that you might not be connected to the person, it may not be possible to view those recommendations. My friend Sachin Agarwal once commented that the problem with LinkedIn recommendations was that after the first few recommendations, everything else was just noise. Having 20+ recommendations is great only from a numbers perspective but nobody was going to sit and read all 20 of them if they were 300 words or more.

ShoutWorthy does away with that Twitter style – everything is short and public. Here’s a screencap of a recommendation I made for my friend Paul Saini.

The setup is pretty much like Twitter in that you see feeds of recommendations by your friends. You also have your own ShoutWorthy page people can see recommendations you’ve given as well as ones you have received.

Thanks to Justin Reidy for introducing me to this site.

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