October 2008 Blog Report

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Time is just zipping by lately. I managed to squeeze in just 2 more blog posts than the previous month but that was because I got into a blogging frenzy towards the end. So last month I decided to do something different. I would post all (rather most) of my blog posts on all my social network account statuses. The results have been very positive and I will continue on with this experiment. Last month was also a very strong month for comments. As you can see, Facebook was a much more significant source of traffic that it ever was before. StumbleUpon continues to bring it traffic so I’ll keep stumbling my own posts and getting my stumble friends to stumble them as well.

Site Stats
Number of Posts 9
Number of Comments 16
Top Traffic Sources
Google Organic Search 826
StumbleUpon 186
Facebook 55

Looking at the traffic report and comparing it to last month’s, you’ll see that I actually got LESS traffic. Last month my blog got picked up by Jason Fried of 37signals when I blogged about his talk. Also, I had peaks from stumbleupon from old posts. However this month, there were no such spikes, but average traffic improved overall. Good times.

If any of you readers have any tips, I’m all ears.

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Sept 2008 Blog Report

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I can’t believe it’s been a month already. This month, I’ve been super busy with other activities and you can see that the number of blog posts have actually gone down. Comments are at an all time low. However, my traffic has actually more than doubled since last month.

Site Stats
Number of Posts 7
Number of Comments 2
Top Traffic Sources
StumbleUpon 781
Organic Search 393
Twitter 148

My old content is still generating decent traffic. My post about mac accessories is still generating the most traffic. Organic search is quickly becoming a major source of traffic. StumbleUpon is still bringing in the most traffic so I definitely recommend social bookmarking sites to people. Analyzing the traffic chart, the 3 small spikes were stumbleupon hits from my old blog posts. The last big spike at the end was my post about my evening at the 37signals Speaking of Success talk. Right after the talk, I went home and blogged about it. Jason Fried of 37signals picked up on it and tweeted it from his twitter account. That got me some good traffic right there.

September 2008 Google Analytics Report

So what’s the takeaway? I wrote almost half as many articles as I did last month but got more than twice the traffic. The key here is marketing. Just because you write it doesn’t mean they’ll come. Once you write a blog post, promote it like crazy. So next month I am going to try something new. I’m going to twitter, facebook status, linkedin status all my blog posts to see if that has any effect on the traffic.

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