Pek Joins Roundarch Team


I’d like to announce that I am no longer in the employ of Accenture Technology Labs. After more than four and a half years, I’ve finally decided to make a career move back into the consulting world. I am now gainfully employed at Roundarch, a consulting company founded by Deloitte, which unites creative, marketing, and technical development services into one really awesome company. I was hired in as a Lead Interactive Developer and my chief duties will be lead Flex UI designer and technical architect.

Part of my decision to move was that my friends Dave Meeker and Rhazes Spell were at Roundarch and kept telling me what a cool place it was. Both of my colleagues are very talented and have worked on some really cool stuff. Dave has been working on a very exciting project called Merapi, which is an Adobe Flex/AIR to Java bridge which will allow Adobe AIR developers to be able to access even more of the desktop such as USB ports and what not. The day the site was launched, 300 developers signed up for the early beta.

Roundarch has some pretty impressive people. Once such person that stands out is Marko Hurst. Not only is his work life very distinguished – he was one of the original designers of the Microsoft Surface project, but he’s also a hardcore MMA & muay thai nut. This immediately makes us automatic friends.

As you can tell, I’m pretty excited to be working here. Look forward to more articles about my experience at Roundarch.

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Weekly Favorite Links

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This week’s favorite links will have an emphasis on my favorite subject matter – Rich Internet Applications or RIAs.

  • Zoomi is a virtual Amazon bookstore. All the books are organized into categories and are shelved. What’s cool about this is that it’s an AJAX application. I probably would have used Flex. If you look closely, they’ve added a subtle hint of realism by adding a shadow that the bookshelf casts on the books. Sweet.
  • Snackr is a desktop RSS ticker that runs on the Adobe AIR platform. It’s pretty slick. You can “throw” it on any edge and it will stick to that edge, resizing itself.
  • Destroy Flickr is a really cool alternative to browsing Flickr. This one is also an Adobe AIR app.
  • 72photos is a new photo hosting site. It’s got a very clean slick Web 2.0 design. I’m not sure what this has over something like Flickr, but the site is pretty cool.

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