Hot Tweeters on Video at TECH Cocktail Chicago 11

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On August 6th when we had TECH cocktail, Ron May interviewed Olya and I about Hot Tweeters. I think the only reason he wanted to interview me was so that he could get close to Olya. Hey, whatever works. To skip directly to the Hot Tweeters part of the interview, go to 9:30.

Here’s another video of me pimping Hot Tweeters at TECH cocktail by Ramon Deleon. This Domino’s Pizza multiple franchise owner is a marketing genius. I met him at a social media conference at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange earlier. He’s got a great story about how one of his orders got screwed up and the customer happened to be a big time social media person who tweeted about it. He handled it very well by doing a videopology to said person and making it up to her with a new order on the house. That video has been viewed almost 80,000 times at the point of this blog post. He’s one of the best things to happen to Domino’s Pizza hands down. Now he’s hobnobbing with social media heavy weights like Gary V and giving talks all over because of his insane social media marketing.

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5 Easy Ways to Make TECH cocktail Chicago Better


Just went to the last TECH cocktail in Chicago. I’ve been to a couple before and although I have a good time and meet great people, my time there is not optimized. It’s insanely crowded nowadays. It’s become the “it” party for IT – no pun intended. I feel like I’m getting less and less out of it each time I go. I’m guessing it won’t be for long before I stop showing up all together and pick other events that are more conducive to meeting people and networking with the kind of people I want to meet.

Here’s 5 easy ways:

  • Kill the music. This isn’t a club. Well it is, but it’s not a club setting. If I wanted to scream over someone while trying to have an intelligent conversation w/ them I’d go to a club on a Saturday night. I don’t need it here.
  • End the free booze. I understand sponsors pay money and they want it spent, but what’s wrong with using it for other purposes – like making money. Here’s why I don’t like the free booze. It invites the unwanted element. I don’t mind paying for my drink. More than once I’ve met people there with no real interest in TECH cocktail – they don’t belong there – they are just there for the free booze. This also solves another issue.
  • Set a reasonable max capacity and stick to it. It’s so overcrowded now I feel like I’m in Mardi Gras. Use the eventbrite registration for what it’s for. If you “sell out” those who haven’t registered should not be let in. Squeezing and pushing my way through a sea of people is not a great experience. I’m too old for it. If you kill the free booze, I suspect attendance might drop anyways so this issue might be moot.
  • Spot light the demos. A big part of the reason why I go to TECH cocktail is to see the local startups and their demos. I would like to give these startups centerstage and have them do a show and tell at set times over a large projector w/ a microphone. This way we don’t have to be screaming at each other while they try to explain to me their exciting idea.
  • Give me a way to quickly identify the types of people. I believe people go to these events with a specific goal whether it’s to meet local entrepreneurs, recruit, or find jobs. I never really know who I am talking to and/or if I am wasting my time. What I’d really like is a color coded badge so I can identify myself as entrepreneur, recruiter, job hunter, vc, etc.
    • This is just my opinion of how to improve TECH cocktail. Every person is entitled to their opinion of how it should be run, but it seems to be that I am not alone in some of these sentiments and so I have documented them and proposed solutions.

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